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Paint Prep, Wet Task Bucket and Dispensers
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Paint Prep Wipers
Wet Task Bucket and Max-Off

Contaminant-free, lint-free and highly absorbent.



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  Max-Off Refill, OEM preferred prep wiper.  85% alcohol, 15% water, better than organic solvents or water alone.  11" x 17", 50 per pkg. MOPP 0002
CPP6001 WetTask®  Dispensing bucket with 60 sheets, 12" x 12-1/2".  CPP 6001
per bucket
CPP6006 WetTask® General Purpose - 9" x 15", 275 white sheets per roll, 2 rolls per case. CPP 6006






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TRK659028 Red/Smoke dispenser for centerfeed rolls.  For Tork towels
TRK 132451 and TRK 130251.
TRK 659028
TRK653028A Red dispenser for large centerfeed rolls. For Tork towels
TRK 520337, TRK 132441 and TRK 130211.
TRK 653028A
TRK207328A Gray plastic top holder for pop up boxes. Optional magnet kit that attaches to metal surfaces. TRK 207328A
TRK6540281 Red dispenser for folded wipers.

TRK 6540281

TRK5511201 White Intuition dispenser, automatic - Touch free with two dispensing modes, sensor mode and hanging mode.  Uses three "D" batteries.  Use with Tork towels TRK 290092 or TRK 290089. TRK 5511201
TRK5511281 Same as above, but black. TRK 5511281
TRK6520281 Floor stand, red and smoke - Red Metal W1 Jumbo Roll Wiper System.  25.4"w x 18.2"H x 10.8"D.  Floor stand for large rolls (W1 System)/  Has a safe and reliable tear-off system.  Easy to load and stable construction.  Use with TRK 430304 and TRK 450304. TRK 6520281



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